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Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation (GDHI)
Report of the Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation (GDHI) Working Group 2013
Professor The Lord Darzi PC, KBE, FRS and Greg Parston PhD

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Accountable Care

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Focusing Accountability on the Outcomes that Matter
Report of the Accountable Care Working Group 2013
Dr Mark McClellan with Dr James Kent, Stephen Beales, Michael Macdonnell, Andrea Thoumi, Benedict Shuttleworth, and Dr Samuel Cohen

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Antimicrobial Resistance

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Antimicrobial Resistance: In Search of a Collaborative Solution
Report of the Antimicrobial Resistance Working Group 2013
Professor Dame Sally Davies, Emiliano Rial Verde

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Road Traffic Injury

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Road Traffic Injury and Trauma Care: Innovations for Policy (Road Trip)
Report of the Road Traffic Injury and Trauma Care Working Group
Professor Adnan A Hyder with Dr Prasanthi Puvanachandra and Katharine A Allen

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Dying Healed: Transforming End-of-Life Care Through innovation
Sir Thomas Hughes-Hallett Professor Scott A Murray MBE
Dr James Cleary, Dr Liz Grant, Dr Richard Harding, Professor Alex Jadad, Dr Mark Steedman, and Karen Taylor OBE

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Patient and Family Engagement

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Partnering with Patients, Families, and Communities For Health: A Global Imperative
Report of the Patient and Family Engagement Working Group 2013
Susan Edgman-Levitan and Carrie Brady with Peter Howitt

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Big Data And Healthcare

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Revolutionizing Medicine and Public Health
Report of the Big Data and Health Working Group 2013
Professor Alex Pentland, Dr Todd G Reid, and Dr Tracy Heibeck

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Strategic Action to Combat the Obesity Epidemic
Report of the Obesity Working Group 2013
Professor Shiriki Kumanyika, Dr Kimberly Libman and Ms Ana Garcia

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Mental Health

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Transforming Lives, Enhancing Communities: Innovations in Mental Health
Report of the Mental Health Working Group 2013
Vikram Patel and Shekhar Saxena, with Mary De Silva and Chiara Samele

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