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WISH - World Innovation Summit for Health

World Innovation Summit for Health

A Healthier World Through Global Collaboration

Forum Reports

Accountable Care

Implementing Accountable Care to Achieve Better Health at A Lower Cost
Report of the WISH Accountable Care Forum 2016

Mark McClellan, Andrea Thoumi, Krishna Udayakumar, Hannah Patel, Abdul Badi Abou Samra


Autism: A Global Framework for Action
Report of the WISH Autism Forum 2016

Kerim M Munir, Tara A Lavelle, David T Helm, Didi Thompson, Jessica Prestt, Muhammad Waqar Azeem

Behavioral Insights

Applying Behavioral Insights: Simple Ways to Improve Health Outcomes
Report of the WISH Behavioral Insights Forum 2016

Michael Hallsworth, Veerle Snijders, Hannah Burd, Jessica Prestt, Gaby Judah, Sarah Huf, David Halpern

Cardiovascular Disease

Innovation Approaches to Prevention: Tackling the Global Burden of Cardiovascular Disease
Report of the WISH Cardiovascular Disease Forum 2016

Srinath Reddy, Farhad Riahi, Grail Dorling, Ryan Callahan, Hannah Patel

Enhancing the Response to the Burden and Impact of Dementia

Enhancing the Response to the Burden and Impact of Dementia
Through Policy and Social Innovation in the Eastern Mediterranean Region

Healthy Populations

Designing Strategies to Improve Population Health
Report of the WISH Healthy Populations Forum 2016

Sue Siegel, Hugh Alderwick, Sabine Vuick, Chris Ham, Hannah Patel

Investing in Health

Investing in Health: The Economic Case
Report of the WISH Investing in Health Forum 2016

Dean Jamison, Gavin Yamey, Naomi Beyeler, Hester Wadge

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine: A Global Action Plan for Impact
Report of the WISH Precision Medicine Forum 2016

Victor Dzau, Geoffrey S Ginsburg, Elizabeth Finkelman, Celynne Balatbat, Kelsey Flott, Jesicca Prestt

Health Professional Education

Addressing the Challenges of Health Professional Education: Opportunities to Accelerate Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage
A Special Report of the Health Professional Education Advisory Board

Tim Evans, Edson C Araujo, Christopher H Herbst, Ok Pannenborg

Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics

Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics
A Special Report in Collaboration with the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics

Mohammed Ghaly, Eman Sadoun, Fowzan Alkuraya, Khalid Fakhro, Ma’n Zawati, Said Ismail, Tawfeg Ben-Omran

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