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WISH - World Innovation Summit for Health

World Innovation Summit for Health

A Healthier World Through Global Collaboration

Forums & Research Chairs

WISH research is organized into Forum topics, each chaired by a world leading expert and supported by a team of senior leaders drawn from academia, research, industry and policy. Since its inception, WISH has published 18 reports and more than 1,000 pages of evidence-based research. Our research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, cited in other studies and is regularly presented and distributed to experts and senior leaders around the globe.

Accountable Care

Dr Mark McClellan

Dr. Mark McClellan

This forum will outline the benefits of using an integrated accountable care system to assist patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as diabetes.


Dr Kerim Munir

Dr. Kerim Munir

This forum will provide case studies and diagrams outlining actions that must be taken across the health, education, and social sectors involved in addressing the condition.

Behavioral Insights

Dr. David Halpern

Dr. David Halpern

This forum will present research showing how health can be improved through a better understanding and application of the latest research.

Cardiovascular Disease

Professor Srinath Reddy

Prof. Srinath Reddy

This forum will offer a brief overview of coronary heart disease and outline innovations in strategies to ensure prevention and management of acquired risk factors.

Genomics in the Gulf Region and Islamic Ethics

Dr. Mohammed Ghaly

Dr. Mohammed Ghaly

This forum will address the Islamic perspectives on the ethical management of incidental findings and how they can help develop culturally sensitive guidelines about genomics in the Muslim Arab world.

Healthy Populations

Sue Siegel

Sue Siegel

This forum will define the concept of population health and list actions for policymakers to improve it.

Investing in Health

Professor Dean Jamison

Prof. Dean Jamison

This forum will examine how investment across various sectors can reduce mortality and boost inclusive income across health industries.

Precision Medicine

Dr Victor Dzau

Dr. Victor Dzau

This forum will recommend how precision medicine can be implemented based on the expertise of those at the forefront of its practice and development.

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Ministry of Public Health

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